Vote For Anybody Else!

Some voters in La Crosse County seem to be sending a mixed message at the polls.

They don't like the choices on the ballot, so they cast write-in votes. But they don't have anybody specific in mind to write in...not even the usual write-in suspects like "Mickey Mouse." Several people who turned out for last week's county election cast votes for "anybody else," "anyone," and in a couple of cases, for "Me"...perhaps forgetting it's a secret ballot. In Bangor, somebody thought "any 1st grader" or "any 2nd grader" would be better school board candidates than the ones who ran. As for actual names written by frustrated voters, Mickey Mouse naturally was included. So was "Mickey MOOSE," and Homer Simpson, and there was even a vote for "Dude."  Plus, a few votes for WIZM's Mitch Reynolds and one for "Mitch's wife."


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