Escapees Facing More Charges In Violent Beating Of Store Clerk

Seems as though the two escapees from Black Rivers Falls brutalized a 71 year old convenience store clerk before their arrest Wednesday morning in Florida. Video tape shows James Misleveck and James Newman entering the store around 9 Sunday night, grabbing the clerk by his shirt from across the counter. The second suspect holding a knife, went around to the back of the counter where the clerk was standing. He opened the cash register and the second suspect grabbed the drawer from inside the register.



The first suspect also came around the counter, grabbed the man and threw him to the ground. He then proceeded to hit him several times in his head and stomach while he lay on the ground.  The second suspect, holding the register drawer set it down out of view of the camera. He then came back to where the clerk was, kicked the victim in the head and struck him several more times. The victim was initially transported to a hospital with serious injuries. Charges are pending in Hillsborough County, Florida now as well.

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