Kong Vue Statements On Hougom Murder To Be Allowed At Trial

When Kong Vue goes to trial in La Crosse for the Sara Hougom murder, tapes of police interviewing him will be allowed as evidence.

That ruling comes today in court, despite arguments from Vue's attorney that cops pressured his client into a confession and would not let him leave the interview room. Attorney Mark Lawton questioned the police and special agents today, to show that they coerced Vue into admitting that he shot Hougom.  But Judge Todd Bjerke says he also saw the tapes, and did not find verbal pressure or coercion on the part of the cops. Kong Vue has told police that he shot Hougom when he went into her apartment to steal a purse. Vue's uncle, Pao Choua Vue, is also charged in the murder, and he goes on trial in late August.




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