Jury In Pao Vue Murder Trial Can Be Told Of Possible New Suspect

Could there be a new suspect in the murder of Sara Hougom?

The defense attorney for Pao Choua Vue will be allowed to introduce evidence suggesting that a juvenile has claimed involvement in the March killing of Hougom at her La Crosse apartment. Only two people are charged in the case now...Pao Vue and Kong Vue, who both claim to have shot Hougom during an attempted burglary. Pao's attorney, John Brinckman, says a juvenile has told police that he committed the shooting, although the prosecution says the boy has gotten some details wrong. Judge Todd Bjerke says although the testimony might make the juvenile a defendant 'in a way,' he says the jury at Pao Vue's August trial should be allowed to decide whether the boy was involved.  The judge also ruled that there has not been enough adverse publicity about the case to justify choosing a jury from another county.



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