Pay Summary Shows Overtime Balloons for Fire Department

The La Crosse fire department not only exceeded its overtime budget from last year. The department blew through it. That's among the information we gleaned from a summary of pay and overtime in the city from last year.



The budget for the fire department was 199 thousand dollars for the year. By June, that was reached. By the end of the year, total overtime expenditures reached nearly seven hundred thousand dollars. The fire administration says overtime is necessary to operate effectively while being prevented to hire as many new personnel as required. 32 fire fighters earned more than ten thousand dollars in overtime for 2011.


As a La Crosse policeman or firefighter, you can expect to subsidize your pay pretty heavily through overtime. Our examination of salary and overtime shows several in both departments whose overtime constitutes 10 to 25 percent of overall pay. The highest overtime amounts go to two detectives in the police department. Sergeant Dan Kloss and Lieutenant Matthew Malott both earned more than twenty thousand dollars in overtime for last year. 39 city employees altogether earned more than ten thousand dollars in overtime, nearly all in the police and fire departments.


Six La Crosse city employees made more than six figures in salary in the last year.  City attorney Stephen Matty drew the highest salary in city hall last year; just over 110 thousand dollars.  Also in the hundred thousand dollar plus crowd: public works director Dale Hexom, city planner Larry Kirch, finance director Wayne Delagrave, former police chief Ed Kondracki and fire chief Gregg Cleveland.  Mayor Matt Harter, meanwhile is a little ways behind; earning just more than eighty thousand dollars for 2011.

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