Wisconsin Pair In Florida Courtrooms

Two former fugitives, one who was just weeks away from finishing his Wisconsin prison term, are going through the court system in Florida.

29 year old James Newman and 18 year old James Mislevec, are both being held in Florida after walking away from the Black River Falls Correctional Center last month. Newman pleaded not guilty to a host of charges in Broward County, and will now await an October jury trial. He also faces charges in Hillsborough County and they stem from the brutal beating of an elderly convenience store clerk near Tampa. Charges against Mislevec were dropped in Broward County and he also faces charges stemming from that brutal attack. The U.S. Attorney's office for the Western District of Wisconsin on has already charged Newman and Misleveck with unlawful possession of a shotgun as convicted felons. They’re expected to face numerous charges in both Jackson and Monroe counties for stealing four vehicles and a shotgun, kidnapping a casino employee near Black River Falls, and leading police on a chase that ended in a futile manhunt.

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