Missing Drunk Student Found Monday

More details now about a close call in La Crosse this weekend.

La Crosse Police say Tyler Pederson of West Salem and currently a UW Stevens Point student was highly intoxicated after consuming numerous shots of alcohol, numerous mixed drinks and consuming beer with friends between the hours of 8:30pm and 2:00am on Sunday night, Monday morning at a friend’s apartment and several downtown bars. After bar time, Pederson was walking back with friends in the area of WTC when he wandered off.  When Pederson did not return to the apartment several friends began searching for him..... called Pederson’s mother and La Crosse Police were later notified around 8am. Friends and family where very concerned over the disappearance and feared that the river had claimed another victim. Around 10:30 Monday morning, officers located Peterson walking in the area of 4th and Vine St. and he was still intoxicated. Pederson indicated he had consumed alcohol to the point of blacking out and the last thing he remembered was drinking at a bar and the next thing he remembers is waking up in a stranger’s unlocked car that was parked in the parking ramp at 2nd and Jay Street. This investigation continues to determine if any criminal charges will be sought in the incident.

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