Police Put Numbers on Oktoberfest Fun

The opening week-end of Oktoberfest isn't just a little busier than normal for La Crosse police.  It goes well beyond that.  Numbers released by police today show a wide gulf between arrests, tickets and calls in general on a typical week-end and the opening fest week-end.  The week-end before fest had police making 25 arrests.  Fest week-end: fifty arrests, which is actually down considerably from last year.  Citations for things like underage drinking on the week-end prior: 55.  Compare that to over four hundred for fest week-end.  And calls for police service in general keep cops hopping.   Nearly 11 hundred calls last week-end.   More than double the week-end before.  Police also a little more bruised than a normal week-end.   Three officers suffered injuries during the first Oktoberfest week-end while making arrests. 

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