Wisconsin Not Quite King of the Quaffers

Beer just ain't what is used to be in America.  Or Wisconsin.  A new report from the Beer Institute says total beer consumption in the US has fallen for the third straight year, down to about 28 gallons of beer for every adult of legal drinking age for 2011.  Some states, much higher than others.  In Utah, it's about 19 gallons per person.  But the picture is way different for other states.  IN three states, it's over forty gallons per capita.  Almost surprisingly,  Wisconsin isn't one of those three. In fact, Wisconsin's consumption dropped by nearly seven percent from 2003 to 2011.  Down to about 36 gallons per capita.  Only the sixth highest in the nation.  On the other hand, Wisconsin does have the highest rate of binge drinkers in the nation.

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