Local Scout Case Among Released Files

Thousands of cases of victimization of young boy scouts around the nation are now open viewing due to a court order.   Among the two dozen or so cases in Wisconsin of molestation included in the Boy Scouts' so-called "perversion files" is the 20 year-old who was dismissed as camp chaplain from the La Crosse Gateway council over 30 years ago.   It was for, as the report reads, "Committing a homosexual act with a Scout."  It may have been more accurately portrayed as an act of pedophilia, because according to the file, the 20 year-old chaplain admitted to targeting a boy and molesting him for hours in his bedroom.  He was dismissed from the scouts.  But the case was apparently never reported to police.   Instead the Gateway council dealt with the young man internally.  And the catholic diocese intervened to apparently offer treatment.    

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