'Not Guilty' Plea For Lepsch In May's Photo Murders

Police in La Crosse have plenty of videos, and physical evidence, tying Jeffrey Lepsch to the September murders of Paul and A-J Petras.

Some of that evidence was reviewed during a pre-trial hearing today for Lepsch. Sergeant Pat Marco testified that many of the cameras and other items stolen from the store were discovered at Lepsch's house in Dakota.  Other witnesses spoke about the downtown surveillance videos showing a man leaving the store on the day of the shootings, and driving a van traced to Lepsch.


Judge Ramona Gonzalez declared there's enough evidence to schedule a trial. The judge also stated on the record that her husband went to school with victim Paul Petras, and that she occasionally has shopped at the photo store where the murders occurred...but she promises to hear the case with an open mind.


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