Pair Nailed For Car Arson

Sparta Police are seeking charges through the Monroe County DA's office against two men involved in torching a car. On September 30th, a car was found on fire in the Culvers parking lot. It was was totally destroyed and additional damage was caused to Culver’s parking lot and sign. 

Police found that that the car was being used by the owner’s boyfriend, 29 year old Vance White of Osseo and a friend, 20 year old Jacob Pittman also from Osseo. They told police they were traveling from Osseo towards La Crosse when they crashed the car into a power pole. The two then drove the car to the parking lot of Culvers in Sparta and lit it on fire in an attempt to hide the traffic crash. The pair had claimed at first that the car was stolen from La Crosse.

Charges of Arson, Criminal Damage to Property, and Obstructing an Officer are being sought against the two.

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