President, Wisconsin: Barack Obama (Dem-Inc.) 52%, Mitt Romney (GOP) 47% 
U.S. Senate, Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin (Dem) 51%, Tommy Thompson (GOP) 47% 
1st District U.S. House: Paul Ryan (GOP-Inc.) 56%, Rob Zerban (Dem) 43% 
2nd District U.S. House: Mark Pocan (Dem) 68%, Chad Lee (GOP) 32% 
3rd District U.S. House: Ron Kind (Dem-Inc.) 64%, Ray Boland (GOP) 36% 
4th District U.S. House: Gwen Moore (Dem-Inc.) 72%, Dan Sebring (GOP) 25% 
5th District U.S. House: Jim Sensenbrenner (GOP-Inc.) 68%, Dave Heaster (Dem) 32% 
6th District U.S. House: Tom Petri (GOP-Inc.) 63%, Joe Kallas (Dem) 37% 
7th District U.S. House: Sean Duffy (GOP-Inc.) 56%, Pat Kreitlow (Dem) 44% 
8th District U.S. House : Reid Ribble (GOP-Inc.) 56%, Jamie Wall (Dem) 44%


32nd Senate:

Inc. (D) Jennifer Shilling         29,756*

(R) Bill Feehan                        20,777


US Senate:

(R) Tommy Thompson         1,022,148

(D) Tammy Baldwin             1,113,557*


96th Assembly:

Inc.(R) Lee Nerison   59%

(D) Tom Johnson       40%

24th Senate:

Inc. (R) Julie Lassa     56%*

(D) Scott Noble           43%

94th Assembly:

Inc. (D) Steve Doyle             15,771*

(R) Bruce Evers                     10,436

70th Assembly:

(R) Nancy VanderMeer             13,343    49.69%

Inc. (D) Amy Sue Vruwink        13,511     50.31%

Minnesota Senate District 28:

Inc. (R) Jeremy Miller      57%*

(D) Jack Krage                 42%


La Crescent Mayor:

Steve Bissen                  1,064

Inc. Mike Poellinger        1,469*

Write In                             162


La Crescent City Council (Elect Two)

John Graf                       1,499*

Dale W. Williams             1,338*


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) Minnesota voters rejected a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage yesterday, giving gay rights activists and their allies a major victory. Still, the outcome doesn't change things in Minnesota, where state law still makes gay marriage illegal.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) Minnesotans rejected a constitutional amendment that would have required people to show a photo ID before they can cast ballots in future elections. The result was a surprising victory for opponents of the requirement that's already in place in several other states.


Shelby referendum to exceed its state-imposed revenue limits by up to $200,000 a year.

YES     1,366        NO   1,522*


The School District of La Crosse Board of  Education is asking for approval to borrow an  amount not to exceed $15,700,000 to build and  equip a new elementary school on the existing  Franklin Elementary School site.                   YES    21,745*       NO     10,627


Western Technical College is seeking voters approval on a referendum to fund a facilities plan for $79.8 million.                YES 62,599*        NO  53,606

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