Rodgers Gives Mickey A Run For Write-In Votes

If Aaron Rodgers ever decides to run for office in Wisconsin, plenty of voters might support him. Seriously.


The Packers quarterback has become a favorite name to write in on election day in La Crosse County, along with former Packer Brett Favre and the ever-popular Mickey Mouse. Those names were written in for just about every race on the county ballot last Tuesday, up to the presidential race. Close to four thousand write-in votes were counted by the County Clerk's office in this election. You had votes for Luke Skywalker for president. TV lawyer 'Matlock' for district attorney. Channel 8 news anchor Jennifer Livingston for Congress. And a year after he was recalled from the State Senate, Dan Kapanke's name was written in repeatedly for several offices.


Lots of entertainers picked up votes, especially for register of deeds...Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Justin Bieber, Chuck Norris, Johnny Depp. Also, Danny De Vito, who came to La Crosse to campaign for President Obama. And one voter's choice for register of deeds was 'Leslie Knope'...the fictional politician from the TV show 'Parks and Recreation.'





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