Victims' Families Hear Second-Hand About New Move In Bryan Stanley Case

We could learn next month whether we'll get to know anything more about Bryan Stanley's release from Mendota.

The state of Wisconsin ordered Stanley to be released to the public last year, more than 20 years after he killed three men at a Catholic church in Onalaska. Now, the same judge who sealed details of Stanley's release is being asked to open up the files. Rose Hammes's father was one of the murder victims, and she would like to know that Stanley is taking his meds.  Hammes says it's "despicable" that law enforcement has not directly told the victims' families when Stanley was released, or where he's living now.  The La Crosse Tribune went to court to get the sealed files open, leading the state to order a hearing. Judge Ramona Gonzalez is scheduled to have that hearing June 2nd.


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