Murders Biggest Stories for the Year in La Crosse

La Crosse's first murder in 2012:


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Former La Crosse police chief Ed Kondracki speaking about the death of 35 year-old Kristen Rodgers who died as part of a drug deal gone bad at the hands of Izalia Golatt, later convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison.  Rodgers was to be the first of four murders in La Crosse for 2012, a particularly grisly year in that regard.  20 year-old Sara Hougom was the next murder victim.  Shot in her apartment.  Later, in court, one of the men convicted in her murder, Pao Choua Vue, described partner Kong Vue's shooting spree that day


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Both men got 35 years after sentencing earlier this year.  And then, it was a double murder.  Paul and A.J. Petras.  Father and son, gunned down in their downtown store during a robbery on a sunny Saturday afternoon in September.  Later, a community of friends gathered to remember the men


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Jeffrey Lepsch from Dakota was later arrested by La Crosse police after a massive coordinated investigation by several different agencies.  Lepsch is in the La Crosse jail awaiting trial. 


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