BRF Prisoners Going Through Federal and Florida State Court

One of two escaped prisoners from Black River Falls is moving through the

court Florida. 19 year old James Misleveck faces 40 years in federal prison after he was convicted Wednesday of having a firearm in a U.S. Federal Courtroom. Misleveck’s prior convictions may qualify him as a career armed criminal, which means he could face a minimum of 15 years in prison on the gun charge alone.


Misleveck and 19 year old James Newman fled the prison last July before kidnapping a woman in Sparta, stealing a car then drove to Florida where they both face charges. According to the Hillsbourough County Sheriff in Tampa, both men robbed and beat an elderly store clerk and left with cash. They then led police on a short chase before being taken down.


The Feds now have Misleveck while Newman remains locked up in Tampa. Newman is back in court next month while Misleveck faces federal sentencing in April.

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