Residential Bar Seeking Zoning Exception

You have to appreciate when a business owner wants to spiff things up a bit.  You have to appreciate that even more when the owner willingly jumps through the hoops at city hall to get things done.  That's what Bluffside tavern owner Mike Gazeley is doing for his bar.  Gazeley wants to do a small expansion to make his restroom handicapped accessible and add a little seating, too.  But even though he operates the oldest bar in La Crosse that predates any of the homes around it, he still needs a zoning change to do any work.  Which Gazeley's attorney, Daniel Dunn, struggles to make sense of


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The full city council next week is scheduled to vote on a temporary zoning change that will allow Gazeley to do updates to the Bluffside yet revert back to a residential designation immediately after.

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