What's On The Ballot?

Should be a sunny day to get out and vote today. In Vernon County, The

village of Coon Valley will see four seats up for re-election, including the board president position. In the city of Westby, the Mayor and three city council alderman seats are up for re-election.


In Monroe County, voters will cast ballot in a hotly contested Mayoral race between Tony Angelini, who runs a restaurant downtown and Ron Button who is retired but currently serves on the City Council. Button received 43 more votes then Angelini in the February primary. This is Button's first shot at running for mayor. Angelini lost a bid 2 years ago.


Also on tap today.....State Superintendent of Public Instruction; Justice of the Supreme Court; Court of Appeals Judge; Circuit Court Judge in several counties, including four in La Crosse County, one in Monroe County, one in Trempeleau County.

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