Sparta Mayor, Council, School Board And Area Races Complete

The City of Sparta elected a new Mayor Tuesday. He's longtime councilman, Rob

Button. He defeated restaurant owner, Tony Angelini with 57% of the vote. This was Button's first attempt at running for Mayor while this is the second straight time Angelini has lost a bid for the city's top spot.


In the only contested Sparta City Council race, incumbent Kevin Riley beat out Ryan Roberts with 63% of the vote.


An incumbent on the Sparta School Board was ousted Tuesday. James Rasmussen and Karen Wall defeated David Eitland.


Some other area results from Tuesday's Spring election.....

Supervisor 2 Town of Onalaska Stanley Hauser defeated Hubert Hoffman by 12 votes.

Supervisor 2 Town of Holland, incumbent Scott Lien won over Chadwick Hawkins with 81% of the vote.

Supervisor 1 Town of Holland, incumbent Marion Naegle defeated Jay Bratberg with 53% of the vote.

Village Trustee for the Village of Bangor, Cletus Clement and John Mcue defeated two incumbents. Eric Faas retained his seat.

Village President of the Village of Bangor Gary Althoff took home 69% of the vote in his defeat over incumbent, Greg Peterson.

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