Local Homicide Cases From 2011 Moving Toward Closure

Two local homicide cases dating back nearly two years could come to closure soon in La Crosse County...

A plea hearing is scheduled for May 13th in the Heath Erlandson case. Erlandson had been scheduled to go on trial that week for crashing into a motorcycle and killing cyclist Paul Betsinger on County Highway B. Police say Erlandson was driving under the influence of drugs, and tried to answer his cellphone just before that crash in August of 2011.

That same week, Anthony Ducharme's body was found hidden on a La Crosse hillside. Cain Moss is awaiting trial for providing the drug that killed Ducharme. At a hearing this morning, a La Crosse judge said Moss's June trial is likely to be delayed a few weeks, because of new motions being considered.


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