Free Lunch Program Starts Today

The local Salvation Army made and delivered over 21 thousand free lunches to

area kids last year. And it starts again today as the ninth annual Feed the Kids Program begins. So where are they delivered?


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Julie Nelson says they are looking for donated lunch items as 150 of them are made every day during the summer. Delivery locations have changed this year. Call the Salvation Army or visit their website, Salvation Army dot org.



South route schedule: YMCA Teen Center  - 11:05 am; Huber Ct – 11:15; 
Pineview Ct – 11:30, Brookview Ct. – 11:45 am; Golden Valley Ct. -11:55 am
.  In August, the route will be expanded to include Hamilton Elementary 
School and the Mathy Center.
North route schedule:  Schuh Mullen Homes -11:00 a.m., Onalaska YMCA – 
11:15, East & Troy Sts, 11:30 a.m., Onalaska Middle School - 11:45 a.m., 
17th Ave N. & Monroe Sts. – Noon, Oak Forest Drive & 13th Ave S. 12:15 


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