Biffle Wins Bass Tourney While Palaniuk Learns Mississippi Lesson

An unlucky angler and a green pumpkin led to a huge payday for a BASSMASTER

Elite bass fisherman over the weekend. As the tourney wrapped up in La Crosse Sunday, 30 year pro, Tommy Biffle knew that he had to erase a 7 ounce lead by Aaron Martens Sunday morning....and he did. Biffle took a 3 pound win and a $100 thousand check to the bank. Martens still pocketed $25 grand.


Both Biffle and Martens got an inadvertent helping hand from Brandon Palaniuk, the first day leader, and seemingly the leader with 6 pounds on Martens after Day 2. Friday night, Palaniuk’s second day weight was disqualified. BASS officials received a protest against Palaniuk, and then determined he had unintentionally culled a bass in Minnesota. Minnesota law does not allow culling of bass on border waters, while Wisconsin does. He went from first to 77th and missed the Saturday cut.


Biffle was using a green pumpkin when he caught his winning fish. Martens won extra cash for bringing in the biggest bass.

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