First Half Of Year Very Wet In Lax...Week of 4th Will Be Cool

Temps were high on the 4th of July last year in La Crosse...and on the 6th of July, too.

The mercury got up to 100 on both of those days in 2012, keeping many people from attending Riverfest and other activities. Not much trouble with heat predicted on the holiday this year. Meteorologist Marv Holewinski tells us that temperatures should remain around a normal of 80 for much of this week. He even doubts that La Crosse will see highs above 85 in the first two weeks of July.

The first half of 2013 was the second-wettest on record in La Crosse, second only to 1993.  The city's precipitation is nine inches above normal this year.  In Madison, precip is 14 inches over normal.



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