Week-end Drunk Driver Has a Big Bill to Pay

Among the many drunk drivers La Crosse police had to deal with this week-end there was the one who did up a doozie of a first OWI.  23 year-old Kayla Martin from La Crosse. Somehow found herself behind the wheel in the new car lot at Bob Burg on Monitor street on the northside. Careened into three new Jettas before slamming into a concrete pole and getting stopped by a firefighter at the nearby station. Cop asked Martin how much she had to drink. She said, "8 shots of tequila." He asked her when. She said, "three shots ago." Blew a .26 on the breathalyzer. Along with Martin's first OWI, she gets a ticket for not having insurance. Tough luck that it was new cars she hit.

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