BRF Prison Escapee Pair Serving Fed Time Now

Some final closure, prison time wise now for both men who escaped from a Black River Falls prison camp then went on a cross country crime spree before being recaptured. 30 year old James Newman of Black River Falls was given ten years federal time, for unlawfully possessing a stolen shotgun as a convicted felon. He had pleaded guilty to the charge in late June.

Last summer, Newman and 18 year old James Misleveck took off from Jackson County. After the escape, they stole a shotgun and abducted a woman near Black River Falls. She was released in Sparta. The two then traveled to Florida where they committed several crimes including the robbing and beating of a convenience store clerk.

In April, Misleveck was sentenced to a mandatory minimum 15 year federal prison sentence as an armed career criminal with three previous violent felony convictions.

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