Re-Done Ordinance Gets Workout With Council Replacement

It's a re-worked ordinance that will be used to likely fill a temporary vacancy on the La Crosse city council. It was just this past April that members finally agreed on changes to an ordinance for filling vacancies on the council. The changes came out of a desire to give the council as a whole more control over the process. In the past, if the council president refused to fill an empty seat, than it didn't get filled. Now, with council member Mike Larsen on a disability leave of absence, it's council president Audrey Kader who's proposing filling the seat temporarily, a process that's also part of that re-worked ordinance. Kader says she's filling the seat at Larsen's request.  Kader also says, after weeks of consideration, she decided on proposing to fill the seat with former 5th district council member Jacie Gamroth. 

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