Health Department Advisory

The La Crosse County Health Department is issuing a special public health advisory
with regard to the dangers of severe cold outdoors, and prolonged exposure in poorly heated residences.

Community shelters will be open Sunday night through Wednesday morning for those needing a warm, safe place to stay, day or night.  Area residents can call 2-1-1 for more information.  

“With low temperatures and even moderate wind, outdoor exposure can become life threatening, even for those appropriately dressed for the outdoors,” said Brenda Lutz-Hanson, Health Educator. “Exposed areas such as the nose and ears can freeze within 30 seconds with a wind chill factor of negative 30 degrees.”

Residents are advised to plan ahead to limit travel and outdoor exposure during this period of time.

This extremely cold weather is also a danger to pets.  “We strongly urge residents to take their pets inside during these bitter cold temperatures” advocates Heather Hankins, Coulee Region Humane Society.  Hankins advises, “If you are unable to take them in, make sure the dog house has a flap to act as a wind break and retain body heat.  Check on them regularly, changing their water and keep their bedding dry. Dogs that normally live indoors should have limited time outside.”

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