Rasch says WTC Probably Won't Budge on PILOTs

The city of La Crosse may be looking to get paid by WTC. But the city may have to just go on looking. TC president Lee Rasch says he has no intention of making to the city what are known as Payment in Lieu of Taxes, or PILOTs.   Rasch says, although he doesn't mind paying for some things collaboratively, like streetscaping on 7th street downtown, he also doesn't believe it's appropriate to "shift" tax dollars from one taxing entity to another.   Rasch also tells us he can't conceive of a time in the future when he might change his mind on the issue. 

This thing might come to a head. The city is currently setting up a system that would require tax exempt organizations sign agreements to make payments for services before development deals could be inked.

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