Hatchet Brings Out More Charges

A Sparta man, caught stealing cough medicine at Walmart in Sparta, faces a

more severe charge now. Early Saturday morning, a Walmart employee stopped 29 year old Edward Bobnar from Sparta, as he attempted to leave the store with boxes of cough syrup. While the employee was talking with cops, Bobnar pulled a hatchet from his coat. When cops showed up, they found Bobnar still holding the hatchet, but he dropped it when they told him to do so.


According to Walmart employees, Bobnar and 22 year old Olivia Puent from Sparta, had been in the store on previous occasions and were suspected of taking items from the Pharmacy area.


Bobnar was arrested for Retail Theft, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, and Bail Jumping. Puent was not arrested, but may face Bail Jumping charges as she has bond conditions that prohibit her from associating with drug dealers or users.

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