Big Time Brotherly Love Ends In Jail

Here's a case of brotherly love.

While the Wisconsin State Patrol was investigating an early morning crash on I-90 Tuesday, an officer saw another car in the ditch so he went to help out. The officer found 22 year old Demitreus Adams of La Crosse, attempting to pull his car out of the ditch. Adams claimed the driver was his friend and had already left the scene; however, the officer noticed there were no fresh tracks in the snow indicating that.



The officer could hear noises coming from inside the trunk of the stuck car. Adams eventually admitted that his sister 24 year old Desirae Adams of La Crosse, was hiding in the trunk because she was drunk. Officers attempted to persuade Desirae out, but she refused and physically tried to hold the trunk lid shut.


Eventually the officers were able to gain access and now Adams faces 5 charges relating to drunk driving.....and additional charges of Resisting Arrest and Battery to a Law Enforcement Officer after she tried kicking police. Adams is currently being held in the Monroe County Jail.

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