I'm Drunk And Going To Jail

Too drunk and going to jail..........the reasons a Sparta man gave police as

to why he led them on a small chase late last week. A Sparta cop was parked at the intersection of River Road at Industrial Drive when he saw a car run a stop sign. Cop tried to stop the car by 38 year old Bernard Gray kept going until he pulled into the River Pines mobile home park.


After a short chase, Gray got out of the car and tried to run. Cops found Gray lying near a brush pile. He told cops he didn’t stop because he was drunk and knew he’d be going to jail.


Gray was arrested for 5th offense OWI along with 4 other charges. Gray refused to submit to chemical testing and a search warrant was obtained for his blood. Gray is currently being held in the Monroe County Jail for violating his probation.

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