A Student's Gift To Another Student

Logan High School Senior Konnor Reikowski was feeling a bit guilty that he

would be the recipient of the state of Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship. He is ranked first in the Logan graduating class this year, but his classmate Lea Gilles who also holds the same 4.0 grade point average is ranked second. His thoughtfulness comes because he knows school isn’t the only thing on his classmate’s mind. Her mom Sherry has battled cancer in different forms for 18 years. So Konnor wrote the Hope Lives Foundation.


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Because of Konnor's letter, Garret Jerue presented her with a $1000 scholarship at Logan High School this morning. The Hope Lives Foundation is a non-profit organization made up of
teenagers and young adults who have experienced cancer. Reikowski has turned down the state scholarship as he will attend University of Minnesota in the fall. Gilles did the same thing as she is going to college in Boston.

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