Monroe County Back At It

The debate over a new Monroe County Justice center is back. A new justice center proposal was supposed to provide some answers,but after reviewing the plan last week, county board supervisors still have a lot of questions.

County board supervisors are going back to the drawing board, in hopes of finding a new option for a justice center that Monroe county residents will approve of. In the new plans being proposed, the justice center would be added on to the current court house instead of abandoning the building like in the old plan.

Monroe County Chair, Rick Irwin, says the proposal comes with some sticker shock. The cost.....24 million to 27 million dollars.... similar to the cost of the already defeated project. Monroe county plans to implement alternative justice programs like OWI court and electronic monitoring. According to this new information the county would see a savings of around 350 thousand dollars annually by housing inmates in the county.

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