Tee Pee For Sale For Now

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Tomah Mayor Shannon Hough's reaction to the closing

of the city's long time supper club and banquet facility.  A closed, for sale sign now hangs in the door of the Mr. Ed’sTee Pee Supper Club. Hough said owner, John Revels Jr.’s request for a Class B liquor license was non-renewed by the Tomah City Council. When he was asked to come to the council meeting, he was a no show.


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She said the council voted to non-renew the license after Revels failed to pay taxes, loan payments and water and sewer bills to the city by the midnight June 30th deadline. Hough says potential buyers of the club are starting to line up though. The club's former owner is Ed Thompson, a two-time mayor of Tomah and the Libertarian Party's 2002 gubernatorial candidate.

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