Kelsey Guilty Of False Swearing

Former Tomah Mayoral candidate and city councilman, Leroy Kelsey was found

guilty this afternoon in Monroe County of one felony count of false swearing. The case dealt with whether Kelsey knowingly made a false statement under oath by marking no on his mayoral candidate form that he was never convicted of a felon. Kelsey was convicted of a felony in 1990 for taking $7 thousand from the Sparta American Legion.


Kelesy was given a $2500 fine and one year of community service, in which he can pay down the fine with that service. WIZM News learned earlier this year that Kelsey had lied about his 1990 felony conviction on forms declaring his candidacy for public office in Tomah.


In court, Kelsey apologized to his family and the City of Tomah for the pain he put them through during this period.

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