Parking Tickets Can Keep You From Dream Bartending Job

You have to have standards. And La Crosse police will hold you to them if you apply for a bartender's license in the city.   After a review of the 18 license applications denied by the police in the last year, we find that police follow a pattern of denials: Excessive problems with the law, drug and alcohol convictions, or just unpaid parking tickets.   The 18 denials were among 500 or so bartender license applications total over the last year.   Not a big number, says La Crosse tavern league president Mike Brown, and he doesn't think the process for getting a license is overly burdensome.  Although Brown does have some light criticism for denials based on unpaid parking tickets.  Brown also says, though you don't have to have an operator's license to tend bar in the city, members of the Tavern League typically require their bartenders to get the license.

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