City Council Sees the Light on LEDs

The La Crosse city council's budget meeting has been shaving pennies for weeks. But a surprise request from Rotary Lights volunteers has the council ready to spend 19 thousand dollars for new Christmas lights. The council is all in so far on a request from Rotary Lights for matching grant money so the group can buy new LED lights. Among the city council members persuaded by the group's good work in raising money and food for local pantries, Dick Swantz.  But he's also in to the potential energy savings.  Says fossil fuels are the source of many problems and little things like adding LED's to the Rotary Lights could be part of the solutions.  The county of La Crosse has also pledged 19 thousand dollars to the LED light cause.


-1 #1 random annoying bozo 2010-11-10 10:45
where is the freedom from religion crowd?
it's now ok for governemnt to directly put tax dollars into an event which has it's roots in a Christian holiday?
or is it because of the so called 'green' lights? then apparently the environmental religion trumps everything.
what a bunch of hypocrites the freedom from religion group is.

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