One Light Pole Snags Two Drunks for La Crosse Police

La Crosse cops got themselves a bit of a two-fer this week-end. Police say just after bar-time on Saturday, they pulled over a guy who'd knocked over a traffic signal in the median at Rose and Clinton street on the northside. 42 year-old La Crosse guy. He blew a .17 and picked up his first OWI. Not 20 minutes later, while a squad was parked near the downed light pole with emergency lights on, car drives over it and keeps on going. Another cop pulls that guy over. He's also drunk, and has half of a bottle of whiskey in the back seat. 20 year-old from Fountain City. Pretty solidly drunk but seemed pretty honest, too; told the officer that he was simply too drunk to do the field tests. Clearly the case; he vomited in the squad on the way to jail.

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