Money Time For UW-L???

Wisconsin lawmakers will be asked to limit increases in U-W tuition and most student fees to four-percent a year. The proposal comes from the incoming chairman of the Assembly Colleges Committee, Whitewater Republican Steve Nass. Aide Mike Mikalsen said Nass realizes that the U-W is trying to get more students to graduate – and that why he proposed a fee cap that’s twice the inflation rate.

The four-percent figure is smaller than any of the annual tuition-and-fee increases since at least 2001. U-W officials say they need higher tuition revenues to make up for losses in the state’s support.

Mikalsen said if the U-W proposes its own ideas for budget cuts, it will be helpful.........but if they come to the table saying ‘We’re the economic engine for the state and you need to give us more money,’ then it’s going to be a difficult time in the next two years.

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