Walgreens Robber Caught With Stolen Smokes

If it looks like a robber, acts like a robber, chances are it's a robber. A clerk at the southside Walgreens had Joseph Strebe pegged as soon as he walked in to the store just after midnight last night. The 19 year-old was wearing a bandanna over his face and the clerk told Strebe it looked as if he was getting ready to rob the place. And he was, police say. Cops say Strebe put a gun to the clerk's neck, demanded money, and when the clerk couldn't get the cash drawer open, Strebe hit him in the head with his gun and demanded cigarettes instead. Cops later found Strebe carrying three cartons of Newports. Nearby, they also collected the bandanna and the gun. it was a BB gun. With no BB's in it apparently.

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