Menard's Pays Price For Onalaska Dumping

Suppose you work for a big hardware store, and discover one winter day that some packages of chemicals broke open in the cold weather.

You can't sell the chemicals, but you're not sure how to get rid of those big herbicide popsicles. Until you notice that huge pile of snow left over from plowing the store parking lot. If you put the icy chemicals on the pile, they'll melt along with the snow, and then run off. Problem solved...until the D-N-R finds out what happened. The Menard's store in Onalaska got caught dumping frozen chemicals that way four years ago. Now, the state has ordered Menard's to pay a 30-thousand dollar fine for illegal disposal of hazardous wastes. The company also has to tell all of its store managers the proper way to get rid of herbicides and pesticides...which requires putting the chemicals in leak-proof containers. No more using the parking lot snow pile as a dump.


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