Ethics Board: Harter Violated One Ethics Rule

Yes, he violated part of the city's ethics code. No, he shouldn't be punished for it. That's the conclusion of La Crosse's ethics board in response to a complaint filed against mayor Matt Harter. The board says there's clear and convincing evidence that the Mayor tried to use his position to help benefit his family's business, Harter's Quick Clean-up. That evidence, the board says, comes from two meetings with the county's solid waste director, the last one with Harter's father. The ethics board says it was that last meeting that was their primary evidence that he crossed ethical lines. Although the board is not required to propose punishment, members say the public ridicule and scrutiny Harter has faced so far should be considered punishment enough. The board does, however, recommend that Harter maybe take some classes on ethics.


0 #1 Darin 2011-01-24 08:35
The only reason this was done was so that certain members of the media could add the clause "who has been found of ethics violation(s) in the past" whenever they mention Harter in a news story. Harter's political opponents needed this, as his age made him relatively devoid of any real and exploitable scandal up until this point. The simple fact that this ethics board is not pursuing it any further and has stated that the public tarnishing of his reputation (something which still may or may not actually have happened here depending upon who you ask) proves that this was done merely to put a "crack in the armor" of the mayor.

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