Per Diem Reports Have Local Lawmakers on the Low End

State legislators in Wisconsin get paid the same salary no matter how many days they show up for work. Just over $47 thousand. But when they do claim work days in Madison, they get a little extra per diem bump. It's $88 per day for most legislators and 44 bucks for those who live in the Dane county area. Some make the most of it, like Republican state senator Scott Fitzgerald, who added over 16 thousand dollars to his salary last year. Others apparently just didn't put the time in. La Crosse democratic state rep Jennifer Shilling had one of the fewest per diem amounts last year among her colleagues: 58 days for about five thousand dollars. Not as low as Republican state senator Dan Kapanke who claimed 32 days of work in the capitol last year for 28 hundred dollars in per diem pay.

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