CAP-X 2020 Studies Delayed

3 reports coming from Minnesota, Wisconsin and the federal government that deal with a proposed electric transmission line from Minnesota to Lacrosse, are all being delayed. The project is called Cap-X-2020, and it includes up to 145 miles of major transmission lines and a sub-station in Onalaska.

Tom Hillstrom of CAP-X 2020 says delays have their good and bad points though. He says he is glad they are taking their time and going through the reports with a fine toothed comb. It makes it easier for some groundbreaking possibly in 2012. 


The Minnesota report will spell out options for locating lines under the proposed 450-million-dollar transmission project. The study will consider possible options for crossing the Mississippi River.The Minnesota report is due out in late March while the reports from Wisconsin and the Federal Government are due out in May.

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