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Mitch Reynolds - La Crosse Talk PM

Find out what people were talking about around the water cooler. Join Mitch Reynolds for News, Conversation and Features on your drive home. 608-785-7914

with Mitch Reynolds
  1. Funny name for a motorcycle race. But Mama Tried...
  2. Just not much angst ever about the $49 million...
  3. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he's sorry....
  4. Mayor Tim Kabat has the city's best view of the...
  5. An event at the Onalaska Omni Center gets...
  6. So, now we want you to be a part of the art...
  7. Because we need a new name for the 'Hatched...
  8. Technically, it's more of a snow disposal period...
  9. Plenty opine on whether Greg Luce would fit on...
  10. In a fleeting moment of lucidity and brilliance,...
North Winneshiek

Bangor 2 hr
Caledonia 2 hr - no AM pre-school, SAC is open
Christ St. John Lutheran West Salem 2 hr - no AM pre-K
DeSoto 2 hr
Eastern Allamakee 2 hr
Fillmore Central 2 hr - THURSDAY
Houston 2 hr
Ithaca 2 hr
Kickapoo 2 hr - no AM 4K
La Crescent & Hokah 2 hr - Montessori and STEM school also running 2 hr late
Lanesboro 2 hr
Mabel/Canton 2 hr
Spring Grove 2 hr
Viroqua 2 hr
Westby 2 hr - no AM 4K
Winona Cotter 2 hr
Winona Parochial 2 hr
Winona Public 2 hr