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Victim was hit with baseball bat, stabbed, then decapitated A northern Minnesota man ...
Walker thinks teachers should be paid based on performance Not many liked Wisconsin ...
Report shows 78 percent of tax credits went to those earning over $1 million ...
After watching dad fight disease, son takes it upon self to help friend do same ...
Lowest number of candidates in 16 years Thousands of Wisconsin voters won't have ...

Wisconsin millionaires getting big tax breaks

29 June 2016

Memo shows 11 millionaires claiming $21 million in tax breaks

Updates on stabbing of woman, 3-year-old child in La Crescent on Tuesday

29 June 2016
Updates on stabbing of woman, 3-year-old child in La Crescent on Tuesday

All three taken to hospital, 3-year-old and stabber underwent surgery

Man stabs woman and child in La Crescent

29 June 2016
Man stabs woman and child in La Crescent

Witness saw bleeding woman cradling toddler screaming

Drug abuse not just a young person's problem

24 June 2016

We tend to think of drug abuse as a young person's issue. But a new report finds that is not always the case. In fact, the report from the U.S....

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Should Some Convictions Eventually Fall Off Your Record?
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Police pry door open to rescue animals


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Students voted for fee increase, according to chancellor


Fire, police and others will test their tactics


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Sunday, 12 June 2016 14:27

Orlando reaction: Anger, somber reflection

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More than fifty dead in nightclub shooting

As Orlando, Florida and the nation begins to absorb the violence that happened overnight at a nightclub there, reactions from those stunned by the massacre range from outrage to solidarity.

Police say Omar Mateen used an assault rifle and a pistol to kill more than 50 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando at around 2 Sunday morning.  

President Obama, in a national address on Sunday afternoon called the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the nation, "an act of terror and an act of hate."  He also noted, 'this could have been any one of our communities" and said the shooting was, "an attack on all of us."

Obama also used the address to note the ease with which weapons like the ones used in the shooting could be easily acquired in the U.S. He said, "We have to decide if that's the kind of country we want to be."

Mateen had apparently been under FBI surveillance, was pro-ISIS and a had a deep animosity towards homosexuals. The Pulse is a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Presumptive democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton agreed that the shooting was "was an act of terror."

Rep. Donald Trump said he was praying for victims and families but, later tweeted, "appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism."

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Ron Johnson echoed the sentiment that their "thoughts and prayers" are with the victims and families while Sen. Tammy Baldwin said, "This was not only a horrific attack on the LGBT community, it was an attack on the freedoms we all hold dear."  

Baldwin also advocated for a stand against, "hate, gun violence and terrorism."

Mateen was killed after police stormed the building. He apparently had called 911 around the time of the shooting and pledged his allegiance to ISIS.

The Orlando shooting was also deadliest terror attack in the U.S. since 9/11. 




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Multiple cities in state interested in team


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Turns out, car was just working
improperly and needed to be parked


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Sanders, however, doesn't appear to be conceding


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Report to come in August, won't be so fulfilling


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Friday, 10 June 2016 01:35

Clown Camp back in session at Viterbo

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Director says a new generation of clowns are coming



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La Crosse assistant police chief Rob Abraham couldn't take the pressure from callers. He's sent in captain Jason... https://t.co/UXIPAjiGuP
1410 WIZM
Man hit with bat, stabbed and beheaded. Suspect then threw victims head. https://t.co/2rpDfRnfHC
1410 WIZM
More office space, anyone? https://t.co/Wc7Lz2hhue
1410 WIZM
Man accused of stabbing woman and child in La Crescent https://t.co/9ADt8LtfWt
1410 WIZM
Hump Day! Another beauty, Mark has the one day details. Merit Pay for teachers, there are a LOT of unintended... https://t.co/GdPUrtjPUB


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