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Trump, Clinton deny their own words WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's habit of ...
Drugs estimated over $24,000 on streets  A drug bust in La Crosse over the weekend ...
Current operator has numerous complaints and owes thousands, according to city This ...
A second reported dead from heavy rains, mudslides The flooding isn't over yet. ...
Fields, bridges, roads washed out Devastating damage. Heavy rains and flooding has ...

Here's hoping American people are winners in tonight's debate

26 September 2016

t won't win any Tony awards, but tonight's first Presidential debate promises to be great theatre. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will make their case for why they should be...

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Do You Like Your Candidate Or Hate The Other One?
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Thursday, 15 September 2016 21:38

New UW-L student center could be ready by 2017

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Project cost over $50 million, which
includes Cartwright Center demo


Thursday, 15 September 2016 10:49

Oktoberfest parade marshals named

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This year's parade marshals for fest come from different generations.

One of the new Oktoberfest parade marshals came to La Crosse in the 80's. The other is in his 80's.
Those marshals were introduced last night at an Oktoberfest gathering at the Loggers ball park.
UW-La Crosse public relations head Brad Quarberg has been chosen as leader of the Maple Leaf Parade...which is fitting, because he performed with the Marching Chiefs band in the parade as a university student.
The Torchlight Parade through La Crosse's North Side will be headed by Louie Ferris...a Logan graduate who taught at St. James School.  Ferris also led the campaign to place a Korean Veterans' Monument at West Copeland Park.


A dozen surveillance cameras blanket the zone


You know that feeling when you're buying something on Craigslist and you've got a pocketful of cash and you're going to meet a complete stranger?

La Crosse police understand and they're hoping for some safer transactions in the city.

City police have set up a safe exchange zone for those who buy from blind ads on websites like Craigslist and Ebay.

The Private Party Exchange Zone is at the Grand River Station on Jay St. in La Crosse. It's basically a couple of 15 minute parking spots on the 300 block of Jay St. that police have set aside to make those online transactions.

Police say they created the zone because it was well lit, centrally located and covered by 12 surveillance cameras.  


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Thursday, 15 September 2016 04:39

Geidel, Grahn lead Viterbo in cross-town rivalry win

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Eagles were looking to go 10-0


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Goal is to be done by end of year,
when current public works dir. retires


Idea is to promote raising/growing own food 


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Thursday, 15 September 2016 03:32

New budget implements first council raise since 1970s

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Members shrink from 17 to 13 and will get $500 a month


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All vets in La Crosse area invited to get on waiting list


Evening bat found west of Beloit in maternity colony


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1410 WIZM
So, did anyone get anything from the Clinton Trump debate? https://t.co/oLiMEgPB6A
1410 WIZM
Cool new Artwork unveiled today at the Oktoberfest Groufaculty sponsornds by UW-La-X Art Students: Bekah (L),... https://t.co/rcT93lBu1n
1410 WIZM
Listen to the Clinton-Trump debate on AM 1410. https://t.co/1SQX5WEpm0
1410 WIZM
Two La Crosse residents face charges after drug bust https://t.co/W0I3sFjMGf
1410 WIZM
As I see it with Scott Robert Shaw: Here's hoping American people are winners at tonight's debate (listen live at... https://t.co/ro2w6nVmmP


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