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Drugs estimated over $24,000 on streets  A drug bust in La Crosse over the weekend ...
Current operator has numerous complaints and owes thousands, according to city This ...
A second reported dead from heavy rains, mudslides The flooding isn't over yet. ...
Fields, bridges, roads washed out Devastating damage. Heavy rains and flooding has ...
State of emergency declared in several counties It's now a deadly day of flooded ...

Here's hoping American people are winners in tonight's debate

26 September 2016

t won't win any Tony awards, but tonight's first Presidential debate promises to be great theatre. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will make their case for why they should be...

Do You Like Your Candidate Or Hate The Other One?
Do You Like Your Candidate Or Hate The Other One?
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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 14:12

Bliss Rd., no longer closed

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Drive to Grandad Bluff reopened now, after delay


City council votes Monday night


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27-year-old shot another man
while driving on Copeland on Wed.


Last modified on Thursday, 08 September 2016 13:37

The 53-year-old Heinrich admitted Tuesday to
abduction, sexual assault and shooting 11-year-old in 1989


Historic building, built in 1892, listed for $995,000


Last modified on Thursday, 08 September 2016 15:07

Public works board denies request,
says hands are tied by regulators 


DNR demanding study from
gun club's skeet shooting days


Wednesday, 07 September 2016 03:33

Mayor discusses Riverside Park's "costly" new fountain

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Renovations listed at $1.4 million, but price still in flux


Chancellor Gow, "Even stupidity is protected by the First Amendment."


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1410 WIZM
Two La Crosse residents face charges after drug bust https://t.co/W0I3sFjMGf
1410 WIZM
As I see it with Scott Robert Shaw: Here's hoping American people are winners at tonight's debate (listen live at... https://t.co/ro2w6nVmmP
1410 WIZM
Clinton vs. Trump tonight on AM 1410. Better tune in. Next one is during #Packers #Giants. https://t.co/VdvP4ic8VQ https://t.co/kW3sfIsQhi
1410 WIZM
RT @wkty: Too much death today. Too much death in 2016. Marlins ace Jose Fernandez dies at 24 in boating accident https://t.co/k9pSpezMvh
1410 WIZM
One biz sending giant portion of city's waste to treatment plant, heading into state mandate https://t.co/3C6wcAXNYr https://t.co/8m4jJFeYx8


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